I was born in the Netherlands. I studied law and I am currently working as a lawyer. Creativity played a big part in my life from an early age. At a later age I started my studies at the Classical Academy of Painting in Groningen.


I obtained my degree in 2012 and since then, in addition to my profession as a lawyer, I have been established as an artist in Apeldoorn.


My artwork often consists of impressionistic and sometimes abstract images. The urban and nature landscape are my greatest source of inspiration. People and animals can often be seen.


Fine art Photography 

My creative process usually starts with taking pictures. When shooting, I use different techniques to achieve an impressionistic look, including multiple exposures, reflections and deliberate camera movements.


After that I often continue with digital painting techniques. I use different (digital) brushes. It is a complex editing technique, with which I want to achieve a simple, more impressionistic look, which expresses the atmosphere more. Instead of focusing on the details, I emphasize the elements of shape, light and color and the relationship between them. Sometimes patterns and structures can be recognized in my works, which are created by the use of special brushes.



In December 2011 I started my graphic studio. In this studio there is a large printing press, where I print my woodcuts. The woodcut is a graphic technique. I work according to the reduction technique and sometimes also with several plates.


Street photography

In recent years I have mainly focused on street photography. As a street photographer I look for a unique image that I try to capture at the right moment. I enjoy participating in Urban Photo Races (UPRs).

A UPR is a photo marathon where you take a series of photos based on themes. These themes are revealed throughout the day at various checkpoints around the city. After running the marathon, you have to make a photo selection of three photos per theme and hand them in. A jury will then judge the photos and the winners will be announced.



I have participated in the following Urban Photo Races:

·      6 April 2019:                           Pop Up Race Utrecht

·      11 September 2021:             UPR Den Haag / Scheveningen

·      9 Oktober 2021:                     Foto Street Challenge Leeuwarden

·      21 May 2022:                          UPR Rotterdam



# 20 March 2011  up to  27 March 2011: Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura Groningen:  de Klassieke Academie.

# 13 May 2012  up to 10 June 2012: Eindexamen expositie in Museum De Buitenplaats te Eelde. 

# 2 September 2012 up to 14 October 2012: Klassieke Academie in Galerie Bonnard.

# 22 March 2013 up to 19 April 2013: Masterclass Mokuhanga in grafisch atelier Daglicht Eindhoven.

# 26 August 2013 up to 24 November 2013: Grafiek Expositie Museum Nagele.

# 11 October 2013 up to 13 October 2013: Grafiek Amsterdam, Bagagehal loods 6.

# 1 June 2014 up to 3 August 2014: Galerie Ruigewaert alumni 2010 t/m 2013, talenten van de Klassieke Beeldende Kunst te Groningen.

# 1 April 2016 up to 2 July 2016 : Ikonenmuseum te Kampen, Lustrumviering met de Klassieke Salon.